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The AI-Powered
Virtual Agent

Actionable Strategies for Contact Center Leaders

Frost & Sullivan senior analysts share how leading businesses are making the transformation from live agents to AI-powered virtual agents one conversation at a time.

Frost Sullivan whitepaper book2

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Analyst Report

Automate More in Your Contact Center Without Sacrificing An Ounce of CX


How to overcome IVR limitations to automate more


How to ease into voice and chat automation with minimal risk


How and where virtual agents offer better CX than live agents


Examples of AI-powered virtual agents in action, including call types, completion rates, and ROI

Frost Sullivan whitepaper book2

About SmartAction


Two decades of proprietary conversational AI development for contact centers, automating hundreds of call types and chats for dozens of Fortune 500 companies


Automation as a service allows businesses to outsource all of their voice and chat automation needs with a nominal one-time setup fee and per-minute usage


Dedicated team of CX experts lives-and-breathes perpetual improvement for the most human-centric AI experience possible


Cloud-based solution integrates with every IVR and contact center platform – it’s that simple