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Automating Voice Conversations

What to Know Before Investing in
Conversational AI

For busy contact centers, automating customer service calls can deliver the biggest cost savings. Problem is, it's all too easy to get wrong and deliver a poor customer experience. 

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Frost Sullivan Whitepaper

In this ebook, you'll discover:

  • The biggest challenges to overcome when automating customer service over telephony
  • What happens when your virtual agent doesn't receive adequate training
  • The importance of customizing the AI to the specific needs and language of your business
  • Analyst recommendations on conversational AI solutions—and what types to avoid

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The SmartAction Difference

There's a reason why more than 100 customer-obsessed brands rely on SmartAction. Our team of conversational AI experts take care of the design, implementation, and maintenance of virtual agents for seamless self-service.

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